SEM : Search Engine Marketing

Commonly known as PPC, SEM is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in a competitive market.

SEM relies on buying keywords through different methods and processes to appear on the first page of search results (SERP). Its main asset lies in its power to reach an advanced target in the conversion funnel. Indeed, users who seek the product on their own initiative are much easier to convert than others.

GDN : Google Display Network

The primary goal of the Google Display Network is to help you reach the audience that interests you. The targeting parameters available to it offer you the possibility of delivering your messages very accurately to your prospects, and at the right conversion timing.

There are several ways to approach which we can cite as an example: The Google Display Network allows you to show ads to your prospects when they are on their favorite websites, watch videos on Youtube, check their email at the level of Gmail, or use a mobile application under IOS/Android.

Acquire New Customers

Engage your loyal customers by using different types of audiences.

Lookalike audiences and in-market audiences allow you to target prospects most likely to engage with your offerings, increasing your customer acquisition rate. You can also use your customer data that you have been able to collect off-line (remarketing lists) in order to once again arouse the interest of users commonly known as Top-Funnel.

Go for Automation

Generate more conversions

Automatic targeting gives you the opportunity to improve your conversions by reaching very interesting prospects for your business. The algorithm is then based on your existing audience and your landing page.In addition, it automatically takes care of targeting optimization. Google Ads ultimately identifies over time the prospects who are most likely to be interested in your offers.The automatic bidding system adjusts your bids to optimize your ROI, also automatically. The creation of smart campaigns on the Display Network is also possible. By automating targeting, bidding, and ad creation in Google Ads, this allows you to generate a significant number of conversions.

Give your brand another life

Use video media

Reach your potential customers when they watch or search videos on Youtube. In addition, you will only be charged when they show interest in your products and services. 

Video ads play a vital role in improving your brand awareness by grabbing user attention and generating more demand. 

From an advertisers point of view, this is a huge commercial potential. On the other hand, even if the launch of an advertisement on YouTube from a few euros per day is accessible, the strategy and the approach are different from other social networks given the nature of the said media. Whether you are curious, beginner or professional,PERFUNIT supports you in using YouTube Ads for your marketing campaigns.



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