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Warehouse Store Sync

Control its stocks, process customer orders and automate its supplies. Daily operations that remain major challenges for companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity.

By having a reliable inventory and complete and instantaneous visibility of your stock, you ensure efficient and optimized flows and therefore a better service rate. 

Perfunit supports you in your digital transformation, by providing you with customizable business software that can be integrated into your tools: Warehouse Store Sync. A simple and powerful solution offering a range of features.

Keys points

Benefits of Warehouse Store Sync

Integrated software

  • Synchronization of stock status with the most used e-commerce platforms (WordPress, Shopify, etc.).
  • Synchronization of your entire product portfolio.
  • Integrated management of purchase orders and customer orders.

Processing of customer orders

  • Order processing according to stock constraints.
  • Reconciliation of inventory differences.

Inventory status tracking and tracing

  • Visibility on stock status.
  • Management of the different product distribution methods (backorder, non-backorder)
  • Update of the stock synchronized with the processing of customer orders and supply requests.
  • Personalization of alerts: Define the events triggering the actions to be carried out.

Automation of supply process

  • Automatic generation of orders or supplier order suggestions.
  • Issuance of purchase orders adapted to supplier constraints (size of batches, processing times, reliability, etc.).

Reporting et KPIs

  • Service level monitoring.
  • Trend analysis to anticipate needs.
  • Aggregation and tracking of customer orders and purchase orders.

Because “Increasing your efficiency” is our core business – Perfunit provides you with a team of technical and functional experts to support you and best meet your needs.

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