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Relationship Marketing

Whatever your sector of activity , the size of your company, the products or services you offer: relationship marketing remains a profitable investment for...

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Operational Marketing

Operational marketing is a determining factor for the success of a company or a project. It encompasses the various means of action used to achieve the company’s objectives. These objectives are set during the development of the marketing strategy. The elements resulting from operational marketing have an effect on the short and medium term. It is therefore necessary to monitor and evaluate them, to adapt to the trends of your market. In this article, we will cover several aspects related to operational marketing,...

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Perf Unit Picks

How to manage your PAY PER CLICK (PPC) strategy ?

In this cutting-edge world of technology, a click takes on a lot of importance. Almost...

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How to create an outstanding facebook ad ?

Nowadays no one can deny or overlook the importance and return on investment of facebook...

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Online customer acquisition strategy

Winning new customers and retaining them are major concerns and real challenges for...

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Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing allows the company to define its marketing objectives by studying and analyzing several factors. These analyzes can relate, for example, to consumer behavior, the market, the business environment, etc. Unlike...

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Marketing Campaign

More than obvious, marketing is experiencing more and more evolution. We have reached a stage where we wonder what is the next step after

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Social Media

Growth hacking

Any successful company regularly seeks to stand out from the competition, create added value, and improve over the long term while reducing costs. You will gradually discover through this article the basic notions of Growth Hacking and how to successfully integrate it. The appearance of growth hacking.What is Growth Hacking?The...

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Tiktok, Snapchat & Instagram Reels: Which platform to choose for your business?

Are you looking for the perfect platform or media to promote your products, increase your...

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How to choose the best social media platform for your brand in 2022  

Whether your objective is to drive traffic & sales to your website or generate brand engagement. Choosing the right marketing channels to invest in...

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