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Engage with your target audience

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The Abstract Mood graphic design

Description & Use

It’s not about creating designs and posting them on your social accounts anymore, your design needs to be unique and genuine more than ever in order to stand a chance to engage with your target audience. 

Perf Unit have thought about bringing the latest trends of graphic design to your business : easily editable photoshop templates that can be turned into engaging posts in a few seconds. 

As a marketing performance agency, we tested & created the perfect tool kit for your artwork planning, so we save the learning time for you and your team. Our Kit helps you to level up your social media accounts aesthetics and increase your click through rate and engagement KPIs to generate more conversions. 

The abstract graphic design is inspired from Abstract art, which uses the language of shape, form, color and gestural marks to create work that does not attempt to depict visual reality accurately. It creates different atmospheres that immerse the viewer in another dimension and can help you stand out from the crowd. 

The theme can be suitable for many industries and business verticals : Sports , indoors & outdoors activities, Fashion, e-commerce businesses… and much more ! Look for inspiration in our mock ups 


“Design is not just what
it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works”

Steve jobs


  • Why Photoshop ? 

Without a question, Photoshop can create much more robust designs than any other tool and it allows you to export your artwork in the best quality. We offer you extremely powerful photo editing and graphic design templates without wasting your time on hours of learning and practice. All you need to do is adapt your logo, and text.

Our templates are well structured and organized in separate clear layers allowing you to easily edit all the vectors.


Each banner represents a post idea that your business needs to promote in order to

 engage with your users. Our team has tested and concluded on the best topics to talk

 about in your social media accounts for more brand engagement. 

Each post idea is explained and detailed in our kit, so you can reuse it 

in different ways generating more and more content.


PSD aesthetic designs 

to stand out


Relevant post ideas to engage your audience


Posts formats (Story & Post) to improve your post ranking

Transform your feed

Step by step guide

As we value your precious time, we made a step by step guide to get you through the process. All you need to do is follow the steps as mentioned and you will be able to customize the templates for all your needs.

Full Support

In case you still have any questions or concerns about the use of our products, you have access to our Customer support team in order to guide you through the steps, or to answer any of your questions.

Download your tool kit now

The Package Contains

  • 30 Photoshop Templates (15 PSD for Posts & 15 PSD for Stories)

15 Posts Ideas

Step by step video Guide

Full support

  • Dimensions :

1080 x 1080 Mobile & Desktop Newsfeed Post

1080 x 1920 Story Post

  • Banners are suitable for the following Social Media Channels :







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