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Reporting is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. You can’t be sure about which direction to take as a business, if you aren’t able to properly read your performance data. 

The thing with advertising data is that there are too many KPIs, that you finally end up confused about the decision making process. A lot of business owners scale their campaigns or cut budgets based on the CPM price, which can be fatal to your business if your target audience is a high value audience.

Your KPIs and Reporting should be aligned with your overall strategy and targets. If you are running engagement and branding campaigns to improve your notoriety, and nourish your Acquisition funnel stages, this report is made for you.

Our reports are meant to save your time and give you access to the right data. As a marketing performance agency, we tested & created the perfect report for your advertising strategy, that will help you deeply understand the performance of your accounts at both, global and granular levels. If you are investing your money, you must be sure that you are reaching your targets, and getting learnings from your advertising algorithms.

The traffic and engagement reports showcase the most important KPIs to monitor for the success of your campaigns using data visualization charts, pies, and tables. The KPIs are aligned with engagement campaigns that aim to maximize your reach, and help you break down the performance of your audiences, artwork, and optimization strategies like budget forecast.

Our reports come with Optimization charts that simplify the logic of Ads performance to help you better understand your data and take the right decision for your investments. Their use is super easy. All you need to do is follow our Step by step guide to get your reports in a few seconds.

“Business reporting is not dealing with objects,
it is dealing with relationships between objects”


Data Studio and Google sheets : 

Our choice for the format to use is based on the simplicity of Data studio reporting and the way it visualizes aggregated data . Using our templates, you don’t need plenty of time & resources to create a very efficient report. Some Reports can be very attractive visually but can result in multiple hours of set up and updates. While the main goal of using Reports is to save your time & energy. 

Without question, Data Studio can offer robust reporting that allows you to easily access the relevant data in one place. 

Our templates are well structured and organized in separate tables & sheets allowing you to easily edit everything.


Holistic and detailed visualizations of your data

Custom KPIs to help you read your performance

Interactive Charts and elements

Get your report in 4 easy steps

Step by step guide

As we value your precious time, we made a step by step guide to help you through the process. All you need to do is follow the steps as mentioned and you will be able to access your report in a few minutes

Full Support

In case you still have any questions or concerns about the use of our products, you have access to our Customer support team in order to guide you through the steps, or to answer any of your questions. (link to customer support page)

Download your Report Template Now

The package contains :

             1 Data Studio report with 6 pages :

  • Overall Performance Page ,
  • Campaign Performance Page,
  • Creative performance Page,
  • Detailed campaign performance Page,
  • Detailed ad sets performance Page,
  • Detailed ads performance Page
  • 1*Google sheet : Data Source to create
  • Optimization Charts
  • Step by step Guide
  • Full support 

            Formats : 

  • Data Studio
  • Google Sheet

Reports are suitable for the following Social Media Channels :

  • Meta Business Ads : Facebook & Instagram Ads


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That's the kind of reports I needed. Always the best. Customer service is very helpful. Thanks
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Perfunit has been extremely helpful for my business. My business is ads management, and I'm able to easily add a lot of value to my clients with this report.
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it has been 4 years since I’m working with datastudio. I have never seen such easy report to set up, with so many insightful KPIs. Good job perfunit team,

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